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Rowayton School 2019 fundraiser for the American Heart Association on Friday, March 8!

All students at Rowayton School will soon be receiving envelopes for our annual fundraiser for the American Heart Association. The envelopes contain fundraising information (including online donations) and a lot of "thank-you" gifts that students will receive. (All gifts will be handed out approximately one month after our donation deadline of March 8.)

All donations go directly to the American Heart Association. Students should return their envelopes with checks and cash to Mr. Liberatore when they have finished collecting donations. (I will be able to see which students also raised donations online.)

Last year Rowayton School donated over $4,000 to the American Heart Association, and all students were treated to a dance party during school!

This year, all students in grades K-2 will be having a dance party - as a celebration for their fundraising efforts - in the gymnasium on Friday, March 8, from 2:15- 3:00 p.m. 

K-2 parents are welcome to attend!

During the month of March, students in grades 3-5 will be having a dodgeball tournament (as extra gym time!) - as a celebration for their fundraising efforts. (Each grade will have a "round-robin," meaning each class will play against each class in their particular grade.) 

*Please note that donations are optional. All students, whether they raised funds or not, will get to go to the dance party or play in the dodgeball tournament.

Again, the deadline is March 8. Students can bring in donations at any time between now and March 8. Funds will be sent to the AHA the following week, and the thank-you prizes will then be ordered.

Contact Mr. Liberatore at if you have any questions.


David Liberatore

P.E/Health Teacher

Rowayton School

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