Rowayton students are heart-healthy!!


February was Healthy Heart Month at Rowayton School! Thank you to the staff, students and their families for helping to make February a meaningful and exciting month of heart-healthy lessons and activities! ​

You can still view the Healthy Heart Month calendar to review or get ideas for being heart healthy every day!  

Being heart healthy means eating well (plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains and low sugar/salt/unhealthy fats), exercising, and getting enough sleep. It also means being kind to others and feeling happy! Each day in February featured an activity or lesson to promote these aspects of having a healthy heart. These activities included classroom yoga, doing something kind for a staff member, participating in a dance party (or dodegball tournament), being encouraged to eat something healthy, and many others!! We hope that the students enjoyed all the activities and learned something in the process. 

Tell us what you think! Click here to take a brief survey to provide your feedback on Healthy Heart Month to help inform future wellness programs. 

If you would like to join the PTA Student Wellness Committee to help with programs like this in the future, please email


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American Heart Association dance party fundraiser


Healthy Heart Bulletin Board Collage


First Graders write about what is heart healthy


Kindness Cards activity at lunch time