“Walk In My Shoes: Embracing Peer Differences and Preventing Bullying,” is a program that is presented annually at Rowayton School. This half-day program is intended to raise consciousness so that children, families, and teachers come to recognize different abilities that exist in the school community. “Walk In My Shoes” was created by Norwalk SPED Partners, a parent-led group focused on improving the lives of special-needs children in Norwalk, CT.

During the program, children will visit stations where they will experience various special needs, such as visual, hearing, motor, communication and learning impairments. Children will be empowered to ask questions, to read and write about their experiences before and after the program, and to reflect on the challenges some classmates face.Different duties include: working at visual differences station, hearing differences station, motor differences station, communication differences station, learning impairments station, photocopying and/or laminating promotional material for kids/parents, set-up, and clean-up.


For more information please contact Colleen Pollack.