We are pleased to annouce the we are continuing our successful 5th Grade Safety Patrol Team!

A half-dozen or so fifth graders will be assisting with our school arrival procedures in the morning. The students rotate monthly, and will be spread-out over the school grounds to assist in the drop-off process.


The fifth graders chosen are all walkers and arrive at school each morning before school doors open (exact time TBA). The members of the Safety Patrol wear orange vests, with large buttons that say “School Safety Patrol.” On the back of their vests, it reads “Rowayton Patrol.”


Parents (and students) are asked to follow proper safety procedures. Please pull your car up to the side of the building and drop your children off.  Please do NOT park in the lower lot;  that is the bus lane and we need to keep it clear.


Please remember that our 5th grade Safety Patrol has been implemented to assist your children and to ensure their safety. Our aim is to make the morning drop-off procedure run as smoothly and safely as possible.