School Hours

9:05 pm - Students enter the building

9:20 pm - School Begins

3:25 pm - School Dismissal

Drop off and Dismissal


Doors open at 9:05 a.m.  Dismissal is at 3:25 p.m.

New for 2017-18: Introducing PickUp Patrol.  Click here for more information.  En español


All Kindergarten students enter the school and walk to their classrooms on their own.  We assure you that there are ample staff, administrators and 5th grade students from the Safety Patrol who will always be on hand to assist every child.


Students walking or being driven to school can enter the school at two places beginning at 9:05 a.m. until 9:20 a.m.: the front entrance and the side entrance.

  1.  Front entrance: Primarily for walkers.  If you park in a space in the bottom parking lot, please be mindful of the car and bus traffic as well as the two reserved spaces for the PTA Auction winners.  

  2. Side entrance: Drive up the hill on the left side of the school to the second set of doors.  Please pull completely around the crescent before stopping and putting your car into “park”.  A staff member or member of the Safety Patrol will be there to assist your child(ren) out of the right side of the car and ensure they safely enter the side entrance. 


All doors will be closed and locked promptly at 9:20 a.m. at which time there will be a single point of entry for the rest of the school day until dismissal. Late students should enter the front door and sign in at the office before proceeding to class.


Rowayton School has a long tradition of parent involvement and we welcome you at our school for scheduled meetings, school events and classroom activities and volunteer shifts. Please remember to always enter at the front and sign in at the Office, where you will provide a reason for the visit and a visitor’s badge.


Thank you for your ongoing commitment to safety precautions at our school.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact  Officer Cornell Abruzzini.


Visitor & Volunteer Policy

Norwalk Public Schools is pleased to announce that we will begin using the Raptor Visitor Management System across all NPS schools within the 2017-2018 school year. Raptor is a web-based software application that provides an effective and efficient manner in which to track visitors in and out of the schools, helping to increase protection for our staff and our students.


The system allows schools to electronically check all visitors against registered sexual offender databases, produce visitor badges, and monitor visitor hours. Previously, those visiting schools were asked to sign in via a paper-based log at the front office, and were then provided with a badge. With the Raptor system in place, visitors will now present a valid government issued Identification such as a driver’s license, or state ID, to be scanned electronically. Each time a visitor, contractor, or volunteer signs in, or a guardian signs out a student, their name and date of birth are compared against over 750,000 known sex offenders across all 50 states and several territories within the United States. Once the ID is scanned, a badge will be printed within seconds including name, photograph, date, time and destination/purpose of the visit. Additional information from the ID is not gathered, nor is the system connected to any other database. Therefore, any other information connected to the ID card is not part of the system and not accessible to any of the users.


The safety of our students and staff is of the highest importance to NPS. Your patience is valued while we continue to refine our procedures and do all that we can to make our schools welcoming for our community, while maintaining a safe and secure environment for our students.


If you have any questions regarding the new system, please contact District School Preparedness Coordinator Joe Rios at riosjo@norwalkps.org.


To learn more about the system, please visit www.raptorware.com. The Raptor system is currently being used in a variety of Connecticut public schools including Newtown, New Britain, New Milford, and New Fairfield.