Positive Behavior Intervention Supports


What does PBIS Mean?

Our goal is to help each child develop self discipline. Together, the home and school share the responsibility for developing good citizens. Parents, teachers, and students must work together to maintain a safe learning environment. The PBIS program is based upon our philosophy of recognizing positive contributions by students.


PBIS means that teachers, administrators, parents, and support staff take the responsibility to TEACH positive behavior to students.


PBIS means that students will know exactly what is expected of them. Students who take responsibility to behave positively will be recognized and rewarded in a variety of ways. Students will also know what consequences result when they choose not to meet the school-wide expectations.

Rowayton School Behavior Expectations
R - Responsible
O - Open-minded
C - Cooperative
K - Kind
S - Safe




1. Each classroom will have a poster with 50 blank boxes. Each time a student is recognized for

demonstrating a positive attribute, his or her name will go in a box on the poster. When the class has filled 50 boxes, the teacher will  put a music note on the bulletin board outside the main office. Each grade will have a different color music note.

2. Bus students will be rewarded for showing positive behaviors on the bus ride to and from school. Bus behavior is monitored daily and reflected on a separate bulletin board. On Friday, bus students can earn a ticket for the week and then they will put their name on the classroom poster.


3. When the school has earned a certain number of music notes, a school-wide celebration will be held. In this way, all the students are working together toward a common goal.


1. Warning: A verbal warning will be given to students indicating that a violation of school rules has occurred.


2. Second warning: Consequences for students who continue to violate school rules will be based on individual classroom management plans.


3. Minor Behavior Form: A minor referral form will be completed by the teacher for a third violation of school rules. The teacher will make a phone call home to notify the parents.


4. Major Referral Form: Faculty members will complete a referral form when unacceptable behaviors have persisted. An administrator will investigate the incidents and determine appropriate action to resolve the issue.


Students will be given opportunities to correct their behaviors.  Reteaching of  the expected behaviors  will take place in a small group setting.

For more information about our school-wide PBIS program, please contact a member of the PBIS committee.

School Phone: 203-899-2940

PBIS Committee

Joe Rodriguez, Principal

Rob Pennington, Site Director

Stephanie Edwards, Social Worker

Danielle Tagariello, Special Ed Teacher

Gianna Fiorentini, Kindergarten Teacher

Maura Fried, Special Ed Teacher

Kerry Rice, Speech/Language Pathologist

Kathy Msaad, Behavioral Intervention

Katie Mulcahy, School Psychologist

Alex Kemeny, Music Teacher