Rowayton Elementary is proud of its unique and meaningful school logo designed by Rowayton School parent, Chris Tinnesz. A talented brand and graphic designer, Chris Tinnesz and his family are long-time Rowayton residents. This logo will be a timeless representation of our school — we are so grateful for Chris’s gift.

The Meaning Behind The Logo

The circular Rowayton Crest logo was designed to reflect the many qualities that make Rowayton a special and unique place to live. The overall continuous design is intended to convey the continuous “circle-of-life”.

• train tracks           proximity to NYC, commuters
• laurel wreath        natural beauty, pride, spirit of athletic & academic competition
• water/waves         natural beauty, coastal community, essence of life
• grass                       open fields for play and recreation
• rope                        hard work, nautical history, community, camaraderie
• sailboat                  classic well-known Rowayton icon, spirit of adventure, exploration
• horizontal lines    calm waters, tranquility, perspective
• open book             learning, education, open-mindedness