Learning to Look is Rowayton School’s volunteer-led art history program.  This  fun and engaging volunteer program enriches our children’s lives by teaching them about art found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. What child wouldn’t love to have their parent or other family member teach their class a brief art lesson followed by a fun project? No art history knowledge, or artist ability is required, we provide it all for you!

Learning to Look lessons and projects are taught by the volunteers in each classroom six times per year, generally with six different volunteers teaching one lesson each.  Each individual lesson has its own lesson plan and suggested art projects; with the supplies being provided by Rowayton School PTA.  The lesson and project time  is approximately one hour total in the classroom and each lesson is coordinated with the individual teacher.  The supplies are located in the Learning to Look closet.

For more information, please contact our two Co-Chairs, Sarah Waters or Khira Karam.

L2L has its own easy-to-use website. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to http://groupspaces.com/RowaytonSchoolLearningToLook and register/sign in.

  2. Once you are registered, ‘Rowayton Learning to Look’ should appear under the ‘my groups’ tab – click on it.

  3. Many lessons are under the ‘Files’ tab — on the left side lessons are divided by grade folder files.  (Those that are not on-line, or if more details are needed, there are curricula binders in the L2L closet.)

  4. Click on applicable grade lesson.

  5. Use the lesson number you have been assigned.

  6. Click “Download” to view and print out the lesson.