Please Donate to After the Bell Scholarships

$100 will provide 1 student 5 days/week for 1 month

After the success of last year’s gift giving program we are once again asking you to consider donating the gift of an after school program for a Rowayton school student.  We have a wonderful after school program that provides homework help, fun enrichment activities, (such as cooking, science, gym games etc.) and an opportunity for kids to spend the after school hours in a safe environment where they are having fun and getting much needed academic assistance.  

There are students in our school who wish to participate in the after school program but cannot because their families are unable to afford the monthly costs.  

The full rate for the After the Bell program is $325.00 per month for 5 days a week. We are able to offer in need families a scholarship rate of $100.00 per month. At this time, we have children who are asking to come to the After the Bell program but cannot because their families cannot afford even the $100 per month tuition. Please consider giving these children a gift that they will enjoy 5 days a week all year long.


Our goal is to have all students who wish to participate be able to. This is so important to these kids. It truly is a gift that they would love!


Thank you for your continuous support -

Rowayton School Human Relations