Date: Friday, February 22rd, 6 pm - 8 pm

The Heritage Dinner is our annual communal event where Rowayton School families come to celebrate their family heritages with food, songs, dancing, games and ethnic flair.  Last year, over 100 people, both Rowayton School families and staff, enjoyed delicious homemade food from countries including Argentina, Austria, Canada, China, Haiti, India, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Germany, the Southern U.S., Korea, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary followed by an array of yummy desserts! 

Stay tuned for more details! A flyer will be sent home soon on which you can RSVP and sign up to bring a dish.  Sign up here to volunteer to help or contact Gillian de Haan at gilliandehaan@me.com with any questions.

Cultural Performance and Display:
This year, we will add a new experience to the event.  Our heritage isn't all about the food. Would you, your child or another family member attending the dinner like to perform a song or dance from your culture?  Would you like to bring in a special cultural item to display that evening?  Examples of cultural items include but aren't limited to art work, pottery, dolls, clothing, a book, etc.
To sign up to perform or bring in a cultural item, please email or call Aimee Ableman at aimeeableman@gmail.com / 347-621-8807 with the following information.

Email or phone number:
Student Name and Grade:
Short Description of performance or item:
Approximate length of performance (if applicable):