2021-22 Physical Education (Gym) Updates



Sign up for the 30th Annual Norwalk River Fun Run on Saturday, December 11th organized by  Carver Foundation of Norwalk (

Students can bring Mr. Lib the entrance fee to school this week or on Saturday morning at the event. Flyers were sent home with all students and despite what is says, it is NOT too late to register or receive a shirt! 


We have our beautiful gymnasium back this year and have been making good use of it so far!



See the posted physical education schedule for each class this year. Thankfully, we no longer must worry about which "letter day" it is, as it is simply a Monday-Friday schedule.

Please make sure your child brings sneakers to school on the days they have gym. They will not be able to participate without proper shoes.

Please feel free to contact me at if you ever have any questions.



David Liberatore

Physical Education Teacher



Cambareri- Thursday

Fiorentini- Tuesday

Tsiartsianidis- Wednesday

Boersma- Monday


Grade 1

Malkin- Monday

Hellrigel- Friday

Scicchitano- Wednesday

Waldecker- Tuesday


Grade 2

LaRusso- Monday

Strycharz- Wednesday

Sinnicki- Friday

O'Hara- Thursday


Grade 3

Telesca- Tuesday

Baril- Friday

Pippa- Wednesday

Dawkins/Hitchcock- Monday

Kaminski- Thursday


Grade 4

Potash- Friday

Ward- Tuesday

Kruseski- Wednesday

Saunders- Thursday


Grade 5

Wax- Thursday

Shipman- Monday

Speranza- Friday


Special Education- Monday