August 11, 2017


Dear Rowayton School Parents, Guardians and Students,


Since the beginning of July, I have been principal of Rowayton School, and I am writing to thank the entire school-community for the very enthusiastic welcome I have received.  Because of my years of experience in the district, I was already somewhat knowledgeable about Rowayton, but after meeting many staff members and quite a few parents, I am more impressed now than ever before.

I first came to Norwalk in 1997, when I became principal of Brien McMahon High School (BMHS), and it was there that I learned about the Rowayton community from some very active and supportive Rowayton parents whose children attended the school.  Many years later, I still enjoy memories of these students, who contributed much to McMahon through their involvement in academics, the arts, athletics, clubs and social activities – sometimes in all of these areas.  They made their high school years a better experience for themselves and for others, and they enhanced the reputation of the school.

Nurse's Notes

The school employs a full-time nurse, Barbara Essig. She determines the health needs of all students. She provides emergency care for illnesses or injuries as well as administering first aid and any needed medications. She maintains health records, performs vision, hearing and scoliosis screenings. 

Gym Shorts

Physical Education is a required class for all students in the Norwalk Public School system. Sneakers or rubber-soled shoes are necessary to participate in P.E. class. 

5th Grade Safety Patrol

A group of fifth graders will be spread out over the school grounds in the mornings to help make the drop-off process run as smoothly and safely as possible.

Our Website

Dedicated to the Rowayton School community, this website is built and maintained by the parents of the Rowayton School PTA.

Our Logo

Learn about the unique and symbolic design of our school logo. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate all members of our diverse community to achieve their fullest potential in a safe, nurturing and mutually respectful environment which fosters responsibility and life-long learning.

Our History

Rowayton’s first schoolhouse of record was built by such a school “society” soon to be designated the “South Five Mile River School District”.