Rowayton Elementary’s Enrichment Assemblies focus on expanding and appreciating children’s sense of worthiness about themselves and curiosity about the outside world. Dynamic, engaging speakers will offer presentations and workshops that lead the children on inspiring, exciting adventures. The intention is that they come away feeling that they live in a world where anything is possible and they each have a unique and deeply valuable contribution to make it.

Stay tuned for upcoming assemblies for the 2019-20 school year!
Here is a sample list of some past assemblies:
David Adler

November 15th Assembly

We will have the honor of having David Adler, acclaimed author of the Cam Jansen series, visit our school on November 15. David Adler started his career as a teacher in the 1960s; shortly after he began writing children's books and hasn't stopped since. He has published over 200 books for various reading levels. If you're child is in kindergarten-first grade, check out his early reading series: Get a Hit, Mo and Don't Throw It To Mo. His Bones Mysteries and Young Cam Jansen series are also great for early readers. For second grade and above, check out his Cam Jansen mysteries, his biographies and historical fiction books. Many of these books can be found in the Rowayton Library. A complete list of his works and biography can be found on his website:

We are so excited for him to meet our students and have him share his knowledge of the writing process with our community. More Information about his visit will follow in the fall!

Here are some photos from this year's event:

Sky Lab is Coming to Rowayton Elementary

January 23rd - 25th 

Each class will be brought for a visit and presentation in the sky lab. The presenter has books that he has published that have to do with the solar system and the constellations. An order form  for each child has been placed in each teacher's mailbox. The students should return the form by Jan 20 if they want to purchase the books. Ms. Sherman will preview the books with the students before his visit, so the students have some background knowledge about constellations.

Jonathan Sprout

February 9th 

2 concerts K-2, 3-5


Singer-songwriter and recording artist, Jonathan Sprout has dedicated the past 22 years to creating meaningful and captivating "hero music" for children. Sprout began this journey in 1994 after reading the results of a nationwide poll detailing children's top 10 heroes, which included cartoon characters and several professional athletes whose off-field antics were anything but heroic. This made Sprout question, "who are our real heroes and why are we not teaching our children about their importance?" Sprout's idea to write and record songs for children about real heroes was born.


Since then, Jonathan Sprout has written over forty songs and has released four American Heroes albums about some of the most remarkable men and women in American history. His albums detail the amazing stories of legends ranging from Pocahontas to Neil Armstrong. With the help of author-lecturer Dr. Dennis Denenberg, a noted heroes specialist, Sprout "chose people who lived and breathed elements of good character and are good examples that children can understand and emulate." His list of heroes includes politicians, athletes, scientists, feminists, civil rights leaders, and many other admirable individuals.